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Take your mobility scooter or wheelchair wherever you wish. Shop Wheelchair offers a wide selection of wheelchair lifts and carriers to choose from. A variety of residential and commercial wheelchair lifts are available to cater to your needs. Wheelchair stair lifts, hitch mounted wheel chair carriers, inside/outside wheelchair lifts, micro lifts, hybrid lifts, vertical & incline platform lifts and more. A wheelchair lift attaches to a car, SUV, minivan, or truck by means of a hitch, and consists of a platform or actuator which secures and carries your power wheelchair or scooter. Our collection of wheelchair carriers include sleek, contemporary designs that complement the vehicle’s styling.

Many of these lifts are designed with convenient swing-away options, allowing the user tp easily rotate the lift about 180 degrees for complete access to the back hatch, trunk, or tailgate. They are angle adjustable as well to accommodate uneven vehicle hitch receivers.


  • Inside Vehicle Lifts - Inside vehicle lifts or internal wheelchair lifts are installed in the trunk or rear storage area of your vehicle and will automatically load your wheelchair or mobility scooter with the push of a button. The Harmar AL055 Economy Inside Lift is one such vehicle lift that you can consider.
  • Outside Vehicle Lifts - Scooter lifts like the Harmar AL100 Universal Scooter Lift fall under this type. These lifts are hitch-mounted units which attach to the rear of your vehicle for transporting your wheelchair or mobility scooter. Most external wheelchair lifts are easy to install.
  • Micro Auto Lifts - Micro lift systems make transporting your micro chair or scooter inside or outside your vehicle much simpler, easier and faster. Lifts like the Harmar AL050 Micro Power Chair Lift  are compact in size and lightweight enough with wide platforms.
  • Stair Lifts - Stair lifts are designed to aid in the navigation of staircases. It can meet a wide variety of accessibility needs. Harmar Pinnacle SL300 Straight Stair Lift  is one such versatile stair chair for straight stairways that can be built for both indoors or outdoors, residential or commercial use.
  • Platform Lifts – Lifts like the EWheels Electric Carrier are designed for transporting power chairs and scooters. These lifting platforms are intended for lifting wheelchair and people with reduced mobility.
  • Hybrid Vehicle Lifts - Hybrid Lifts are compatible with almost all power chairs and scooters. Hybrid platform lifts are quick, easy and combine simplicity of a drive-on, drive-off platform with benefits of carrying a mobility device just like the Harmar AL600 Hybrid Platform Lift