Walker Accessories - Walker Splints, Walker Wheels and Glide Ski, Organizers and Handle Covers

This should be a one-stop shop for all your walker accessories. The range is vast and comprehensive to cover all your possible requirements. We have several types of tote bags, pouches and carry bags to be attached to the walker. There are trays, glide tips, pelvic stabilizers and a whole variety of baskets. All of these are quality and reliable items, having been manufactured by renowned names in the business like Kaye Products, Mabis DMI, Drive Medical, Invacare, and many others. So have a look at these extensive ranges of accessories to add utility to walkers with standard features. At Shop Wheelchair we look after your priorities that will make your ride smooth and comfortable. Buy Today!

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Medical Walker Accessories Available

  • Glide Tips: They are designed to provide skid-resistant traction. These glide tips are used in the conjunction with wheel kits which allow walkers to glide easily and smoothly on any surface.
  • Walker Basket: It allows users to easily take things along with them anywhere while using walkers. They can be mounted easily on the walker.
  • Wheels: Walker wheels allow users to perform daily activities with less efforts and fewer steps. The rubber wheels allow most walkers to easily and smoothly roll over irregular surfaces.
  • Leg Extension: These leg extensions allow users to raise the height of the walker beyond the standard maximum height.
  • Tray: This walker accessory allow personal items to carry from one place to another may it be meals, crafts, reading materials etc.

Also get from our store your arm supports and pads, brakes, adjustable mirrors, flashlights, hand grips and rails, knee slings, latch locks, platform attachments, seat covers and harness, sling support, straps, belts and much more.