Buy Transport Chair Walker/Rollator: Seated Walker, Transport Rollator

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An all-in-one rollator/walker and transport chair brings independence to everyday living by allowing users to walk, sit and ride. It folds easily for transport and storage.

More than just a rollator with a seat, in only seconds, these innovative designs allow you to easily convert your rollator to a transport wheelchair and then back again. This means that you can walk with the support of your rollator while you have the needed energy and then be able to sit down and ride transport wheelchair-style with the help of a caregiver.

The transport chair mode is a convenient way to move from home to car to a doctor’s appointment, for example, or to be able to ride when you no longer have the strength to walk when you’re out and about and get tired.

Why Choose Transport Chair Walker/Rollator?

Rollator-transport chair combos offer a variety of features that make them versatile, easy to maneuver and easy to take with you. Their foldable design means the rollator-transport chair can be put in your car trunk and will take up little space at home. Most are made from lightweight aluminum some are made of more durable but heavier steel. Be sure to choose a model that will support your weight as well as your back when sitting.

Benefits of Rollator/transport Chair

  • A durable and cushioned backrest for comfort
  • Adjustable height handle that can be positioned for your height
  • A soft, padded seat
  • Easy-to-adjust footplates
  • Loop hand brake system to give you better control when standing

Where to buy Transport Chair/Rollator Online?

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