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A mobility scooter is a mobility aid configured to be like a motor scooter. It is often referred to as a electric scooter or power-operated scooter. A mobility scooter has a seat over three or four wheels, a flat area or foot plates for the feet, and handlebars in front to turn the steerable wheel(s). Mobility scooters are usually battery powered and the batteries are stored on board the scooter and can be charged via a battery charger from standard electric power. The weight capacity varies from 300 lbs. to 500 lbs. depending on the model.

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What are the advantages of a mobility scooter?

Mobility scooters are assistive devices designed to be used by people with mobility problems like coronary or lung issues, arthritis, obesity etc. A mobility scooter can be a great boon for people without the stamina or arm/shoulder flexibility necessary to use a manual wheelchair. Also, swiveling the seat of an electric scooter is generally easier than moving the foot supports on most conventional wheelchairs. A mobility scooter is very helpful for persons with systemic or whole-body disabling conditions who are still able to stand and walk a few steps, sit upright without torso support, and control the steering tiller. Mobility scooters are in general more affordable than powered wheelchairs, making them a cheaper alternative.

Who needs a Mobility Scooter?

There are many factors which decide whether a Mobility Scooter is the right Mobility Aid for you. Here are some common things which might help you make a decision. A mobility scooter is recommended if:

  • You have problems moving around and getting in and out of your home

  • You can’t walk or stand for extended periods of time

  • You are confined to your home and are unable to go outside

  • You spend more than 5 hours of your day sitting or laying down due to mobility issues

  • You can’t walk a long distance because of heart problems

Why should I choose a 3 wheel mobility scooter?

3 wheel mobility scooters are the most popular type of scooters available today. they are very lightweight and are highly maneuverable indoors. 3-wheeled scooters can get around tight spaces without much effort which allows better movement around your home and between the narrow shopping aisles.

The 3 wheel design also allows the scooter to have more legroom making it more comfortable and roomier than a 4 wheel counterpart. 3 wheel scooters are ideal for indoor use because of their compact design, short turning radius and maneuverability. The compact design also makes 3 wheel scooters very light and transportable. Most scooter models have a folding design and can fit into the trunk with relative ease while some models can be easily assembled and disassembled without tools.

How to get a mobility scooter into a car?

Almost all transportable 3 wheel mobility scooters are designed to fold or dismantle into a few light weight and manageable pieces, which can easily fit into the trunk of most cars. To store the scooter in the trunk, the user can simply disassemble the scooter and lift the pieces into the trunk. Larger mobility scooters generally have larger batteries, motors and seats which make them more comfortable to ride but difficult to transport.

What should be the deciding factors when selecting a 3 wheel scooter?

There are 4 major deciding factors which you should keep in mind before selecting the scooter model.
  1. Price Range: The price of a quality 3 wheel scooter mostly varies from upward of $500 and goes upto $3,000 or more as the features and accessories increase.

  2. Turning Radius: This is very important if you plan to use the scooter indoors. The turning radius of a typical 3 wheel scooter varies from 35” to 60” and the turning radius is the main factor which decides the maneuverability of the mobility scooter.

  3. Weight Capacity: It is vital that you check the maximum weight carrying capacity of the scooter model before you purchase it. The normal weight carrying capacity of a 3 wheel scooter is 250 lbs. but some bariatric models offer an increased weight capacity of up to 500 lbs.

  4. Battery Range: On a single charge, an electric mobility scooter can go for 20 to 30miles. This range varies with driving style and the driving terrain.

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