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Looking for a strong and durable Standard Wheelchair? Explore our exclusive standard wheelchair collection that delivers the latest in economical seating. These wheelchairs come with a lot of add on features including options and accessories that will help you to customize your wheelchair to serve all your needs.


Most Standard Manual Wheelchairs are made of durable steel frame and are the most preferred wheelchairs in the market. Standard wheelchairs usually come with a seat width of 16 – 20 inches and fixed or detachable armrests. They provide comfort and mobility combined with style. You can find the more compact, lightweight type here as also those that convert from adult to hemi seat heights. They are an ideal option for short term use. However standard wheelchairs can be customized with seating systems to make them more comfortable for longer seating. Standard wheelchairs are sturdy and inexpensive and are great for use indoors on flat and smooth surfaces. Self-propulsion provides independence to the user and relaxation to the caregivers.


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How to choose a Standard Wheelchair?

Looking for a standard weight manual wheelchair? With a plethora of options available in the market selecting the right wheelchair becomes a complex task. Here are some key points that you can consider so that you get the perfect chair for yourself or your loved one.


  • The decision to choose a standard wheelchair basically depends on who will be controlling the chair, the immediate needs of the user, the lifestyle and activities, the span of time the user is going to spend in the chair and their medical condition.
  • Depending upon the needs and level of mobility the user can choose to have a self-propelled wheelchair (for users with a good upper body strength) or an attendant propelled wheelchair (for users with low body strength and dexterity).
  • If the standard wheelchair is being used in a hospital, clinic or long term care facility flip up arm rests and flip away foot supports are desired for easy transfers.
  • Standard wheelchairs come with a range of weight capacities to accommodate users of all sizes. Some wheelchairs even come with a weight capacity of upto 650 lbs.



At Shop Wheelchair we provide you with standard wheelchairs that have all the customary features of a wheelchair and are good for both long-term and short-term use. They provide comfort and mobility combined with style. All types of standard wheelchairs are available from experts in this field. You can find the more compact, lightweight type here and also those that convert from adult to hemi seat heights. From basic variety to the more complex with detachable arms, dual cross bars, fixed full armrest and more.