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As is rightly said “The only limits you have is in your mind.” Stand out with our sports wheelchairs that provide you with the competitive edge. Efficient, versatile and equipped to play different types of sports these wheelchairs have been designed to adjust manifold to handle all kinds of activities. Rugged but stylish at the same time, sports wheelchairs are built to move fast and quick with little resistance. Sports wheelchairs help you continue with your active lifestyle that you love, whether your mobility is restricted by a disability or advanced age. Sports chairs are often constructed with ultra-light materials that aid straight-line speed. These wheelchairs also allow for sharp turns and increased agility. However, sports wheelchairs are not only limited to athletic activities.


For people who live a fast-paced lifestyle and looking for a wheelchair that is ultra-lightweight and aerodynamic, then our sports wheelchairs section is definitely a place you might want to look. We have active wheelchairs from well-known manufacturers like Drive Medical and Invacare Corporation.

How to select a Sports Wheelchair?

Speed and agility is what is required from a sports wheelchair. These streamlined sports wheelchairs are great for disabled sports such as basketball, rugby, tennis and racing. Each type of sport required a specific types of wheelchairs that are different from the basic wheelchairs. These wheelchairs are made up of durable composite lightweight materials and usually non-folding to maintain the solidity. They have a specified wheel angle for taking sharp turns. Sports wheelchairs are often purchased as an alternative wheelchair for specific use and not for everyday use.

  • Balance, weight, speed, strength or safety is what you must look for in a sports wheelchair.
  • Seat Height: Seat height is an important consideration when it comes to sports wheelchairs. Seat height has a direct impact on the sporting performance (balance, comfort and centre of gravity). It also helps prevent injuries (like pressure sore, tipping over and impact injuries). If the seat height is lower than required the user’s feet may drag on the ground and if it is too high the user may have a difficult time exiting the wheelchair. Hence it is very important to measure the correct height. Seat height is the measurement from the seat to the floor. Keeping your feet on the ground measure from the back of your knee to the foot and add 1 – 2 inches for clearance. Also subtract the height of the seat cushion.
  • Coach’s Advice: Sports trainers generally have a better idea on what type of wheelchairs are suitable for a particular sport. They will be able to suggest what features you need to have in your wheelchair for an improved performance.
  • All-Rounder Wheelchairs: These active wheelchairs possess common features that are desired for any sport. The robust and lightweight frame design is suitable for sports like fencing, badminton, tennis, boccia, basketball and other table-top games like cricket. These wheelchairs are highly adjustable for accommodating various users.

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