Rear Wheel Drive Power Wheelchairs | Power Chairs

If you are a speed lover, rear wheel drive power wheelchair is the power chair you have been looking for. This drive wheel configuration offer high speeds while providing utmost stability along with speed. Rear wheel drive power chairs perform well on straight tracks at high speeds and with non-proportional input devices. These wheelchairs are known to handle terrains very well with good stability and balance. Now you can really go places!

Rear wheel drive wheelchairs have a wider turning radius and the overall size of the wheelchair’s footprint. The entire wheelchair must clear the corner before turning while maneuvring around a corner. It requires more space than other drive wheel configurations. It is more of an outdoor chair than an indoor one.

You can choose rear wheel drive wheelchairs that provide high quality and value. If power and stability both are desired, rear wheel drive power wheelchairs make a good selection. Find rear wheel drive wheelchairs from one of the finest makers - Drive Medical.


Features of Rear Wheel Drive Power Chairs:

  • With a plenty of options and accessories some power wheelchairs offer more than what they require in a power wheelchair. All their specific needs can be met and satisfaction guaranteed with such chairs.
  • The rear wheel earliest power chairs were designed just like manual wheelchairs modified with a motor and a battery for propulsion fixed in the rear of the wheelchair.
  • Two rear large wheels sourced of the wheelchair's driving power with two smaller casters in the front.
  • New age technology led to the development of a more sophisticated and carefully thought design.
  • Wider turning radius of these chairs provide for a smoother navigation in outdoor spaces
  • Enhanced performance and stability along with the added support of foot rests that swing out for easy transfers.
  • The drive wheels are larger and have a superior weight bearing ability with anti-tip casters that adds to the security of the rider.
  • Rear wheel drive wheelchairs are mostly preferred by individuals who require a power chair that is both powerful with its performance and easy to maneuver .
  • The extra speed of rear wheel drive power chairs and the adaptive handles that it offers attracts many users. 
  • Stability while you are outdoors, on uneven terrains or while climbing obstacles is what rear wheel drive wheelchairs are known for.
  • Powerful suspension systems, a number of drive control options and high drive speeds are some of the features that these chairs possess.

Best known for safety and performance at high speeds, the rear wheel drive power chairs move well on straight roads and uneven terrain better with optimal safety and stability for active users. This drive wheel configuration is considered more intuitive than others. But the selection may also depend upon the independent clinical consideration and the user's living environment.