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Great choice for active users, Lightweight Wheelchairs are constructed using materials like aluminum and titanium alloy that render durability and safety to these wheelchairs. If you love being outdoors a lightweight wheelchair is the right choice for you. These wheelchairs can be used for all daily activities all through the day offering a smooth ride to the user. Ultra-Light Wheelchairs are designed to handle all kinds of jolts without affecting the user.

Lightweight wheelchairs are available with varying features and designs to meet the needs of the user. Ultra Lightweight wheelchairs are ideal to be used indoors and outdoors. But they may have certain limitations when used on uneven terrain. Being compact and manoeuvrable they are more suitable for indoor environments. Adjustable models can fit through narrow doorways with ease.


Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs:

Folding Lightweight wheelchairs offer great utility while on the go as they can fold compactly for storage when not in use. Some lightweight wheelchair models are designed to adjust according to the users specifications especially helpful to child users who grow at a fast pace.  

 Benefits of Folding Lightweight Wheelchairs:

  • If your needs change frequently or you are looking for a portable option, folding frames collapse for easy transport and they have a highly adjustable, ultra lightweight design.
  • Shop Wheelchair offers ultralight self-propelled and attendant propelled wheelchairs with a weight range between 25-50 lbs approx.
  • While a power wheelchair might require a separate room or space for storage, a lightweight can be stored easily in compact spaces when not in use.
  • Folding Lightweight Manual Wheelchairs provide an added advantage as they can be folded and stored in a small space making it an ideal choice if you do not use your wheelchair all day long and prefer to put it away when not in use.
  • Many Foldable lightweight manual wheelchairs fit into the trunk of your car easily for more convenience.


Adjustable Lightweight Wheelchairs:

Shop Wheelchair offers wheelchairs that are highly adjustable to suit your needs and active lifestyle. Precision control, amazing performance and extraordinary styling, all lightweight wheelchairs deliver these features while keeping your comfort in mind. Popular brands like Everest & Jennings, NOVA and many more provide strong credibility to these wheelchairs.


Where to buy Lightweight Wheelchairs online?

At a wide selection of lightweight wheelchairs are available. Buy best Lightweight Wheelchairs from popular manufacturers including Drive, Invacare, Karman Healthcare, Graham Field Etc. at best prices and attractive discounts.

Lightweight Wheelchair Buyers Guide