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Bariatric manual wheelchairs are sturdy and durable mobility aids that are supplied with strong frame structures to accommodate individuals who need that extra room, in terms of height and weight. Also known as heavy duty wheelchairs, they are low maintenance and cost effective. Bariatric Wheelchairs combine long-term performance with reliability. The major difference that heavy duty wheelchairs hold against standard manual wheelchairs is their weight capacity. Bariatric wheelchairs have a weight capacity of up to 700 lbs and seat width of up to 30 inches that could fit almost any individual. Just like other manual wheelchairs heavy duty wheelchairs fold for compact storage. They are supplied with arm rests and swing away foot rests for transfers. The difference also lies in construction. These wheelchairs are constructed of steel while standard wheelchairs are made of aluminium or titanium alloy.


Shopwheelchair provides you with an extensive collection of heavy duty manual wheelchairs from top brands like Tracer IV, Everest & Jennings, Lumex etc. These wheelchairs can also be customized to provide a best fit and a comfortable ride.

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Heavy Duty Manual Wheelchairs Buying Guide:

Before buying a heavy duty manual wheelchair you must have the dimensions and the set of requirements of the user. Here are some tips that will help you make a better selection.

  • Weight Capacity: A bariatric wheelchairs must support user weight above 400 lbs. A good choice for a wheelchair is one that supports 20-25 lbs more than the user’s weight to accommodate the weight fluctuations or any other accessory that the user may carry like oxygen tanks or concentrators for individuals on respiratory therapy.
  • Lightweight But Sturdy Construction: Just like other manual wheelchairs bariatric wheelchairs are required to fold away for storage. They must be light in weight so that propulsion does not strain the caregiver. Arm rests and flip away footrests are desired for easy transfers. The frame must be sturdy enough to support the weight of the user. Bariatric wheelchairs are generally made up of stronger steel when compared to the aluminium or titanium construction of basic wheelchairs.
  • Seat Width: Heavy duty wheelchair seat widths range from 18 to 30 inches. Always go for seat width that leaves a gap of 1-2 inches of free space in both sides of the body as the user might need wiggle room for pressure relief movements, clothes and extra space for transfers in and out of the wheelchair.
  • Seat Depth: Seat depth must be appropriate for comfortable seating. The surface of the seat must comfortably hold you on the seat. The front of the seat must not touch the back of your knees. Just count one or two extra inches space between the seat and your knees. You can also leave some space to accommodate a pressure relief cushion for more comfort.
  • Seat Height: Measuring the optimal seat height is easy. Measure the distance from the underside of your knee to the backside of your heel while keeping your feet on the ground.
  • Backrest: Optimal Backrest selection is crucial for health and comfort of the user. The right backrest provides support to the back and is high enough to touch the mid shoulder blade and prevents the development of pressure ulcers.


Where to buy Bariatric Wheelchairs online?

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