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Our four wheel scooters take transportability to a whole new level - luxury seats, infinitely adjustable tiller with auto-leveling cons, futuristic styling and exceptional value.

Why Choose a 4-wheel Scooter?

There are many advantages that 4 wheel electric mobility scooters offer which make them better and safer than comparable 3 wheel scooters. The main advantages are:
  1. Enhanced balance: It goes without saying that 4 wheel scooters provide more balance to the rider than their 3 wheeled counterparts. Enhanced balance of the scooter keeps the user’s body aligned while seated keeping them much safer and the presence of the 4th wheel makes them less prone to tipping over. Balance is the deciding factor if the user is physically unable to control much movement.

  2. Increased weight capacity: Four wheel mobility scooters generally have a higher weight carrying capacity than three wheel mobility scooters. 4 wheel scooters are especially beneficial for bariatric patients who require larger weight capacity.

  3. More power: Four wheel scooters tend to have more power than three wheel scooters and also have an increased traveling range. Powerful scooters have the tendency to last longer, making them more durable and dependable. But more power also means bigger motors and heavier batteries making them relatively harder to lift and fit into the trunk of a car.

  4. Comfortable drive: 4 wheel mobility scooters generally have bigger suspension which makes the scooter much smoother and fluid to drive on the road. The ride quality of each model is different. Some scooter models have a very soft suspension making them ideal for flat surfaces while some scooters offer a stiffer suspension which allows the scooter to face tough terrains.

  5. Can handle rough terrain: Some 4 wheel scooters are designed to travel on a variety of terrains including gravel and sand while some scooters are designed to be ridden on smooth roads and indoors on carpets and wooden floors. If you intend to ride on rough uneven terrain or a live in a locality with a lot of pot holes or plan to spend most of your time outdoors, then a 4-wheel electric mobility scooter is the ideal choice.

Where to buy 4 wheel Scooter Online?

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