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What is an All-Terrain Portable Wheelchair?

The All-terrain portable wheelchairs allow users to step in the water and facilitate them with better mobility on beach sand, unusual terrains, and snow. There are plenty of new-age designs available in the market but the common feature of these wheelchairs is that they have wide wheels or tires to increase terrain stability on uneven or unsteady places. The functioning of the wide tires on off-road wheelchairs is similar to snowshoes. Just like snowshoes, the off-road wheelchairs provide room for the user to travel on snow comfortably without sinking in. The outdoor wheelchair spreads the chair user's weight and the wheelchair over a broader surface.


Get the most versatile collection of All Terrain Manual Chairs which will take you where others cannot. These chairs are equipped to handle travel on sand, snow, mud, beaches, grass and even on inclines! The ride is smooth and comfortable due to the latest technology incorporated in these chairs by experts in the field.


Features of All-Terrain Manual Wheelchairs

Off-Road Accessibility

All-terrain wheelchairs are designed to deliver flexibility in roving completely off-road such as moving around village areas, beach, or camping somewhere away from plain surfaces. Many countries of Europe have now enhanced their tourism by making beaches wheelchair accessible. They provide such wheelchairs apt for the beach to their clients without charging extra fees. The Healthline Medical All-Terrain Beach Wheelchair is our top-selling wheelchair in this line. It has delivered several benefits to the users who have limited mobility in living their life to the fullest. It aids individuals with lower extremity or mobility disabilities or spinal cord injury in traveling comfortably. The High-quality, UV-protected PVC frame is rust-resistant. It does not chip, discolor or peel even when used in salty seawater.

Safety and Comfort

All-terrain bariatric wheelchairs are fashioned, keeping in mind the safety and comfort of the user. Unlike any other wheelchair, these provide utmost relief and ease of travel to the person using it. Not only that, the foldable footrests are a key feature of such outdoor wheelchairs. These are there to give the person sitting on it maximum convenience and rest.

Storage and Transportation

Many wheelchairs are unable to fold and have non-removable wheels, making them very difficult to transport. Most wheelchair-accessible transport vehicles have only as much room to carry one wheelchair. These types of constraints limit the wheelchair user's access to nature. Therefore, an All-Terrain Wheelchair are designed to be portable and lightweight.

Easy Assembly

The complicated set ups and assembly of a wheelchair is a huge mood spoiler. The wheelchairs suitable for rough terrains are manufactured in ways to facilitate the user with hassle-free assembly with minimum tools. Subsequently, the portable beach wheelchairs are also very easy to disassemble and carry along.

Additional Accessories

Many wheelchairs come with additional wheelchair accessories in different sizes. These accessories include wheelchair gloves, seat belts, oxygen tank holders, etc. Similarly, the all-terrain wheelchairs for adults have comfortable cushion seats, adjustable armrests, multi-positioning headrest and more for perfect sitting for a long duration.

Where can I buy All-Terrain Manual Wheelchairs Online?

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