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Front wheel drive power chairs are great for use on uneven terrains and off road use. They climb easily over small obstacles and kerbs. The drive wheels are located in front of the user and the smaller casters are at the rear of the user. These chairs are the more stable ones with top speed of about 5 miles per hour, slower than their rear counterparts. For people who like to travel at low speeds it is the best selection. These wheelchairs have a smaller turning radius and hence they are easy to take along in malls or shopping centres as your mate while you pick up the grocery.

Choose from a range pf front wheel drive wheelchairs that have the drive wheels in the front of the user’s center of gravity. They are very stable and provide a tight turning radius. Strong yet comfortable, these front wheel drive wheelchairs provide great maneuverability indoors and outdoors. Take your pick from the different models available here with amazing options on the accessories! We have front wheel drive wheelchairs that deliver quality with value from experienced makers like Drive Medical and Pride Mobility.

Features of front wheel drive power wheelchairs:

  1. Easily maneuverable: Narrow spaces and tight corners are easy to reach with front wheel drive wheelchairs.
  2. Small rear caster wheels, large front tires and lower top speeds help in keeping the machine stable and avoid fishtailing (i.e. when the back end of a wheelchair swivers side to side in an uncontrolled and unstable manner)
  3. These wheelchairs provide a safe and stable motion and safer transfer over diverse surfaces.
  4. Obstacle climbing is one of the greatest strengths of these wheelchairs as the drive wheel is located at the front of the chair.
  5. Front wheel drive wheelchairs are considered to have good stability for elderly people who lack strength.
  6. Driving steep uphill is not a good idea with font wheel drive wheelchairs as the centre of gravity moves from the drive wheel towards the back casters. This action might result in loss of traction and reduced drive control
  7. Front wheel drive power wheelchairs have a turning radius that is lesser than the rear wheel drive wheelchairs but more than mid wheel drive wheelchairs
  8. Small rooms and navigating tighter spaces is easier with front wheel drive power wheelchairs.
  9. Having the largest wheels in the front helps keep driving control.
  10. Softer terrains like a grass lawn, kerbs or a sandy beach are easy to maneuver with front wheel drives.
  11. Lower top speeds

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