Best ways to use FSA for mobility and beyond!

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Shop Wheelchair believes in the power of mobility and so we make it very evident what is FSA eligible – just look for the clear FSA approved symbol. You can go to the beach, road, street, travel or anywhere you want to, with our wheelchairs, canes and mobility assist devices. If you are employed in an organization and your employer has an FSA plan, there are many medical expenses you can cover with your tax-free dollars. This account supported by your employer is also known as an FSA. You can use your FSA funds to pay for over-the-counter drugs or qualified prescription-medicines, dental care, vision care, co-payments and deductibles, or other FSA approved items.

How to qualify for FSA benefits to shop for wheelchair and repairs?

  • No self-employed or freelancer can avail this account as it is designed to be offered only by the employer (as per IRS guidelines)
  • You need to put money from your salary directly into your flexible spending account to contribute it towards FSA and the amount should adhere to the limit set by your employer.
  • Please confirm your eligibility as per your specific FSA plan prior to any purchase and know the complete detail of medical expenses on which you can get this benefit.
  • Order ONLY FSA approved products and save the evidence of your medical expense in form of prescription or other statement. You can submit a claim showing the proof, to receive re-imbursement as per your employer’s terms and conditions.
  • You must use your FSA funds within a year or you lose your money. Your employer may allow you to carry over some of the amount to the next year or you might get a grace period but it is completely their choice – so you’ll want to discuss this with them.

Shop Wheelchair accept FSA Cards for FSA eligible items

Shop Wheelchair offers FSA eligible mobility assist devices in form of walking aids, wheelchairs and related accessories. Your FSA dollars can be used to buy healthcare products that are not covered under your other health plans. FSA is offered at employer’s discretion and hence we recommend you to clear the terms with your employer regarding the usage of your FSA dollars.

FSA Benefits

  • It reduces the employee’s taxable income by putting the pre-tax amount to use for healthcare expenses, and hence increase the savings
  • Apart from the medicines & healthcare devices, FSA account can also be used for day-care, co-pay, and visits to medical counsellor
  • The FSA money is free from all types of federal taxes
  • It helps an employer to retain employees and keeps them healthy and mobile.

Healthcare FSA – how does it work at Shop Wheelchair?

Shop Wheelchair accepts FSA Card (Debit, Credit, Store Valued Card or any combination of FSA approved by your employer). In order to make your FSA eligible purchases with us, follow these simple steps:

  • Pull-up your FSA information and step in to our online store
  • Browse through the category of mobility assist aids we offer
  • Select the one you want to buy and make sure it is marked with the FSA APPROVED symbol
  • Add the product to your cart and make payment through your FSA Card

How to capitalize your “use-it-or-lose-it” FSA Dollars in buying mobility aids?

The clock is ticking and your spending time is running out! It is the reminder for you that the money held in your FSA account is subject to use-or-lose provision. You must use your funds by the end of year or you will lose the amount. So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to put your unspent FSA dollars in use to benefit you? Are you confused about what to buy?

No worries! Shop Wheelchair is here for you to make your ways easier. Here are some ideas to spend your FSA dollars beyond just a pair of extra glasses or any unnecessary dental care visit:

Convert your FSA dollars into wheels to improve mobility in your loved one’s life

Is there anyone close to you who needs to be independent from this barrier of restricted movements? Buy our easy-to-operate wheelchairs for them. Shop Wheelchair offers both manual and power chairs to help you lead a mobile life. You can spend your FSA funds in buying electric or manual wheelchairs of any type be it heavy-duty, recliner, portable, lightweight, tilt-in-space, front-wheel, center-wheel or what not!


Invest your FSA funds wisely and kindly to add comfort to someone’s wheelchair

Shop Wheelchair offers wide variety of cushions and backrests to make your seating cozy with correct posture. These pressure-relief cushions and accessories are surely worth your FSA dollars!


Say buh’byee to caretakers & walk around on your own

Our weight-bearing & comfortable canes, forearms crutches, rollators and walkers are the best bet to utilize your FSA dollars. You can buy these durable walking-aids for injured, elderly as well as the little ones and gift them a relief while moving around wherever they want to and smoothen their daily routine.


Please note that if you are buying a non-eligible item then you have to make payment through other payment methods like PayPal, Paycheck etc. Your FSA will not work then. Here’s a more comprehensive list of our FSA eligible mobility aids. Explore and place your order for FSA approved mobility aids with Shop Wheelchair. Use your FSA before you lose it!

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